5 Ways To Nail That Job Interview And Kick Start Your Career

5 Ways To Nail That Job Interview And Kick Start Your Career

By Michael Waterbury

You got a call for an interview from your dream organization, but the real struggles and hurdle is sailing through the interview smoothly. Most of the times, people get tensed during the interview which messes up their golden opportunity. But going through the interview smoothly is possible with a little preparation and self-confidence. The fact that you got a call from them does not mean that you have crossed the hardest part. You need to prove your merit in the interview to get your dream job.

Most interviews are standard and you need to answer certain strategic questions and answer them confidently. You need to convince the interviewers that you are the right candidate for the position. There is a thin line between being confident about your skills and being overconfident about them, try not to come off as smug. The key is in balance, you want them to know that you are ideal for this job but do not overplay it.

Research And Prepare Yourself

Knowledge is power, so research and learn as much as you can to prepare yourself. Knowing as much about the company is important since you will be prepared to answer any general questions regarding the kind of services they provide. A knowledge about the company’s history, goals, and basic services are important. Prepare for your designation by reading as much as you can. Be prepared to answer questions related to the company because it’s important to be aware of anything and everything regarding the company. You need to portray a level of interest in the company to instantly make a connection. Refine your skills and work on all the possible interview questions.

Importance Of An Impeccable Resume

Your resume is a very important factor since the interviewers will use it as the first factor to critique you. An impeccable resume is an undisputed need and you have to ensure you have an updated resume. Your resume should reflect who you are and what are you capable of. A good resume can give you an edge over others. Include all your skills and experiences but be completely honest about it. Do not get too creative with your resume unless you are in the creative field. A decorated and cluttered resume is distracting and not to forget, unprofessional. Keep the detail concise yet detailed.

Eye Contact and Rapport Building

How you portray and present yourself is extremely crucial in an interview. A lot rides on the impression you make on the interviewers, so work on your body language and communication skills. Maintaining eye contact is important since this reflects confidence. Lack of enthusiasm can put off the interviewer and always sit upright. Begin the interview on a pleasant note. Shake hands and smile at the interviewers without breaking eye contact. Greeting them well and creating a light atmosphere will help in building a rapport.

Present Yourself Confidently

Confidence is a key when it comes to nailing an interview. Fidgeting with your fingers and getting distracted the moment you step into the room are signs of a lack of confidence. Work on your communication skills and body language and present yourself confidently. Do not be overly smug when you talk about your accomplishments and skills but at the same time it’s important to mention them in a more humble manner. Dress yourself appropriately for the interview and avoid dressing shabbily. Do not go on about yourself and do not interpret someone while they are talking. The interviewer should feel that you are the right candidate for them in all senses.

Honest Responses Are Crucial

Many bluff about their skills and experience but lies are not the way to go. Be completely honest about your credentials and background. If you do not have the answer to a question, just be honest about it. Do not try to sugar coat any of the information or flatter the interviews in an attempt to get accepted. Being honest might seem like the hardest thing to do but it is important since it reflects the kind of person you really are. You want the interviewers to know that you are a trustworthy and responsible person.

These are some of the effective tips to crack that interview for your dream job. Remember it all comes down to how you present yourself and your capabilities.