Guidelines For Men’s Shirt And Tie Combination

Guidelines For Men’s Shirt And Tie Combination

By Stephen Mejia
Classic shirt and tie combinations

Get the right colors while matching a tie with your shirt and you are a star, get it wrong and you are a loser. But, this complex world of colors is very simple than you think. We tell you about tie-shirt combinations that will make you the talk of the town every time.

Solid color tie with solid color shirt

Solid shirt and solid tie combinationWell, this is the safest combination that you can wear as it is a win-win situation all the way. It may seem boring but choosing the right color combination makes it look quite interesting. Eg- wear a pink shirt with mauve tie or for dark blue shirt and a light blue tie. Go with solid colors of same color family. It creates a contrasting combination and looks great. However, avoid wearing same color of tie and shirt.

Patterned shirt

Patterned shirt and solid tie combinationIf you are wearing a patterned shirt then choose a solid color tie with at least one color that’s on your shirt and vice versa. Eg- if your shirt is having fine check of pink and blue, wear a solid tie that either pink or blue. It gives a soothing look and the color compliments your shirt too.

Patterned shirt with patterned tie

Patterned shirt and patterned tie combinationSome men avoid wearing this combination, but it is being worn by few. If you want to wear this combination, then make sure the pattern on your shirt is smaller than that of your tie. Eg- wear a small checkered shirt with a tie having big checks on it.

Mix and match

Mix & match shirt and tie combinationThe most important thing to look for in this combination is choice of colors. Eg- if you wearing a checkered shirt with a polka dot tie, make sure that the color of tie is the dominant color of the shirt. Follow this rule for other patterns too.

If you want to have a sophisticated look, try wearing a solid colored shirt with dark colored tie. Remember, a tie makes a style statement and your choice of combinations reflects a lot about you!