Hot And Deadly Combination Of Clothes For Men

Hot And Deadly Combination Of Clothes For Men

By Stephen Mejia
The latest outfit combinations for men

Putting together, two different garments will allow you to think little more to get the combinations right. So, here we give you certain hot and deadly combinations that utilize pieces the majority of you will already have in your wardrobe.

- A navy blue jacket with beige trousers is the most versatile and trending this season. It is as effective in the winters as it is in the summers. This combination will make you look your best whatever the occasion is. You can try swapping the suit trousers for khaki or beige slim-fit chinos and complete the look with loafers in summer and dress boots in winter.

- The most classic and timeless combinations are pairing a grey blazer with navy trousers. It is perfect for both formal and informal events. Any man can pull off this outfit successfully. You can wear this outfit at office or also while you are having drinks in weekend. It ensures that you look confident and stylish always. Complete your look with other capsule wardrobe essentials like a crisp shirt and a tie while you are going to the office and a pair of loafers when you are out for a dinner.

- Combine black and grey. It is an ideal combination for all the formal occasions. This combination is perfect for night outs – making you look sharp and put on a pair of relaxed silhouette like loafers or trainers. You can opt for a black jacket and grey trousers or vice versa, the outcome will be effective in both ways.

- Pair up your blazer of jacket with the denims. This is an ideal combination to get a more casual and rugged look and is highly practical. Put on brown boots along with a crew neck jumper when you are out with friends for a drink. A chunky scarf would complete your look.