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Emotional Eating


Yes, food is delicious and sometimes that cheesy pizza with extra pepperoni seems like the answer to all your woes but are you make the right choice? Stop before you reach for that next slice, are you stuffing your face to deal with a problem or stressful situation or maybe a bad day at work? Did you know that a large chunk of obesity statistics can be accounted to emotional eating and leaning on your favorite comfort food to deal with emotional issues and problems.

Emotional eating and binge eating is a problem that affects both men as well as women equally but the only difference is that men don’t like talking about it. According to current studies and statistics, more and more men are binge eating and using it as an escape from all the troubles and issues they face in their routine life. Our body reacts in a funny way when we are stressed and we consider certain comfort foods as the ideal balm to all our problems.

Eating food should be done only to satisfy hunger and should not be used to relieve stress or to forget your problems. But most of the times we use food to feed our emotions and feeling rather than to fill our stomachs. Compulsive eating can lead to obesity and several health ailments and constantly leaning on it as a coping mechanism can be damaging even for your psyche.

The most problematic thing about emotional eating is the fact that you are never satisfied even after your binge session and you keep craving for more and more food to forget your sorrows. And after a span of time your actions make you feel guilty and embarrassed of your ways which lead to problems like depression, self-loathing and loneliness. Why would you go through all of that to feel a sense of satisfaction and pleasure for a short span?

If you are a binge eater and emotionally depend on food then you need to consult a specialist who can help formulate a healthy diet plan and necessary lifestyle changes. Start slow and try not to reach for that bag of chips or box of donuts when you are sad or depressed. Keep all kinds of junk food out of your reach, there is more chance of a slip up if you find unhealthy food at arm’s length.

Try to distract yourself with other engaging and interesting activities when you feel the urge to binge eat. Keep tabs on your diet and try to follow a healthy diet of 3 meals and a snack every day, so that you do not have the tendency to binge eat at night. Exercising or meditation is a great option to relieve stress and feel healthy again. Understand your issues and work on it rather than avoiding them. You can have an off-day every now and then when you are having a bad day but do so in moderation. Try to follow a healthy lifestyle and most of your problems will be manageable.