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Stay energetic at work

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Some days you might just feel sleepy and tired. May be it is due to late night writing, social parties or constantly traveling. Caffeine helps you to stay awake, but regular consumption is not advisable. There are dozens of natural ways to stay energetic at work and feel revitalized.

1. Go spend 15 minutes walking outside your office. The weather and fresh air will surely change your mood and help to break the sterile environment.

2. Carry out some exercises in the office itself. It may be weird to all, but it will pump up your heartbeat. Try jumping jacks, a little yoga or just walking up and down on stairs.

3. Try solving puzzles or crossword or play Sudoku. It will stimulate your brain and body
4. Drink the super-cool water and add lemon to it. Splash some water on your face. Put ice cube in the mouth and suck it

5. Have snacks or some fruits while you are working at office. This will actually keep you awake if you chow down.

6. Nothing works better than pumping up some adrenaline. Watch some horror or action movie trailers to give you a boost.
7. It is possible that the position you are sitting in is too relaxed. Change you position by crossing your legs in the seat, sit in it backward or stand while you work.

8. Keep an essential oil or lotion at your desk. Rub it on your hands and temples to awaken your senses. However, avoid lavender scent as it is known to induce sleep.

9. Put on your favorite dance tunes and dance it hard for 10 minutes. This may help you to stay energetic at work.

10. Spend some light moments and share jokes with your co-worker. Laughter is known to releases endorphins and keeps the body moving.

11. Go on shopping! Shop early for birthday, Christmas or buy something for someone you like. It gives a boost to your mood and ensures blood flowing.

12. It may sound weird but calling up your mom and talking with her keeps you awake. The stress or charm of her calling will get you’re going.