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Style tips for men

Formal menswear fashion

When it comes to style evolution, you don’t really see any revolutionary change whatsoever and most of the times it’s just an upgrade on the earlier styles. Men kind of get stuck in this redundant flux where they are expected to follow certain styles, patterns, and fabrics, with no luxury to experiment with their style like women do. But the fashion is evolving and men are experimenting with different cuts and textures to find their personal style. You don’t really have to step much out of your comfort zone to add a dash of style and playfulness to your outfits.

Men’s formal wear is the most understated of all outfits and most of the times the styles and cuts are simple and straightforward with no fancy designs patterns of embellishments. In the recent Hollywood award parties, the fashion police were rueing on the fact that men wore similar looking suits with no real character or personality to any of the looking. Most of the times men invest in three-piece suits in neutral shades with really no style or flair to it. With designers trying out different fabrics, textures and colors in men’s formal wear, the fashion scene for men hopefully won’t be as dull or bleak anymore.

Here are some of the tips to personalize and jazz up your formal wear to uplift your complete look.

Flattering Fit

Definitely cannot compromise on the fit since your attire gets most of the effect from that tailor-cut look and feel of a suit. Most men who are either on the heavier side try to cover it up by going up a size or two, but this works against their favor. An ill-fitting suit is tacky and will make you look like you are wearing a borrowed suit. Try to get the right fit for yourself and experiment with the cuts and stitches for an interesting look.

Play With The Lapel

Jacket lapels are the most neglected part of the suit even though it can help turn your boring look into a total spiffy look. Lapels are meant to decorate and experiment with the shape for a unique look. The easiest way to lift any outfit is by adding a decorative piece to the lapel but make sure that matches with the rest of the outfit. Whether you wanna add a flower or a fancy button, get creative with the lapel and your outfit will get the much-required lift.

Print Perfect and Colour Splash

Yes, it might feel like we are entering dangerous territory when we talk about prints, colors and men’s formal wear. But designers are experimenting with different prints and colors in their latest creations and the result is flattering and edgy. Try out geometric prints, colored colors, mix of two different shades to bring together the complete look. Earlier men were averse to the idea of using colors in formal wear but with amazing combinations available today, there is no reason why you can’t have a little fun with your look.

Style Twists

Experiment with different suit styles and instead of pairing it with the same old boring dress shoes, try wearing funky and quirky shoes to add dimension to your whole look. Have fun with the length of the blazer and suit and the fabric to give a totally different spin to your look. Experiment with the overcoat color to give a new spin to the same suit.

Tie Game On Point

We have come a long way from the blues, blacks and reds in tie fashions and you will so many interesting color combinations and prints today to experiment with. Try wearing a bow tie in a contrasting yet pleasant color to give your overall look a pop color if you are opting for a neutral shade in suits, bow ties are fun yet classy. Play with the tie’s texture and choose a texture different from the suit’s texture to add depth and an edge to your look.

Unlike women, men have lesser options but with a little bit of personal flair and playfulness you can spruce up any outfit to add a dash of personality to your look.

Hottest leather jacket styles for men

Leather jackets look super cool, but you need to know the art of looking comfortable and cool in them. They are very versatile.

Leather blazers come in different styles. You can opt for structured silhouettes with detailing like a racer jacket with standing collar. Put on that blazer and pair it up with rugged jeans. This is indeed a classic combination. Do not add any leather item in your overall look and let the focus be on your leather blazer.

Well, if you are out for a dinner, try to put on your leather blazer. This will give you a contemporary change. It looks fabulous for a party when paired up with the right shirt, pants, and shoes. Try to look funky by putting on leather jacket with a bold and funky colored shirt or T-shirt. Wear a vest inside your leather blazer, above your t-shirt, to get a formal look. This looks uber-stylish and cool in a party.

The leather blazers look cool in winters and it also can be worn at a lounge or open air party. Striped or plain shirts go very well with the leather jackets. Try a look at mixes both formal and casual look. You can choose a white leather blazer for a classic look. Chocolate browns, creams, and tans also look equally stylish.

Keep your leather blazer slim-cut and well fitted as it adds extra volume to your weight. Oversized jackets will ruin your look completely. Make sure the quality of your blazer is perfect and if it is not, then you rather not own one!

Trending men’s fashion and styling tips

With the changing time, men are giving much importance to fashion in their lives. Fashion has become an important part. There are men fashion designers, fashion shows for men’s clothes and fashion accessories for men. Fashion trends in men are changing at great speed. It has become very essential for men to keep their wardrobe updated with fresh, innovative and latest trends. Read on to find out more about latest style tips & fashion trends for men.

- The way you dress is the way you are being perceived. Nowadays, pinstriped trousers are trending. The texture looks good with all the colors. Well cut and styled trousers make you look sharper on social occasions.

- Today, soft color shirts are in. Earlier, men used to avoid wearing a pink or purple shirt. But these days they are much in trend.

- Jeans will never go out of fashion. Currently, straight fit jeans are in trend. Different patterns are available in this like crushed jeans, embroidery jeans, jeans with prints, acid, tears, rip, boot cut, skinny, baggy, etc. Keep it simple with fitted jeans.

- Wearing shorts is becoming the part of men’s fashion. IT makes you look slimmer and stylish. Moreover, they are quite comfortable also. Cotton shorts are really very relaxing.

- T-shirts having strips on it is a trend these days. T-shirts with thin material are preferred by men as they make you less sweaty and are fashionable too.

- A good and well-fitted polo or sports t-shirt in a dark color looks refreshing and always flattering.

- Wearing shoes with pointed edges makes a style statement. It goes with all the outfits from formals to casuals. Wearing slippers with jeans or cotton pants is also a new trend that gives a very relaxing look.
It is necessary for anyone to keep up with the latest fashion trends. To be a trendsetter, first you need to change yourself with fashion.

Men’s summer fashion trends

This season your wardrobe has to be balanced between things with color and minimal. You can later your wardrobe according to your preference. The minimal look will help you to stand out in a crowd because of its simplicity. The secret key to looking smart is to dress smart. Take a look at few best looks to daunt in summer.

- For a formal look, go for a clean-cut black jacket. Wear it with white shirt and black trousers. Put on a slim black belt with a buckle. You can wear patent leather shoes to complete the look. For an informal look, wear a v-necked t-shirt on dark blue or navy blue jeans. Choose black monk leather shoes with this outfit. You can also opt for the button down shirt with chinos and brogues.

- While in a summer party, you can wear a black t-shirt with some sleek jeans and put on a bomber jacket to get a stylish look. You can also put on a white shirt as it will give a compelling look. Try to match your beige pants with not-so-subtle pink shirt.

- During some poolside parties at day or night, call out for some cool shorts and make a style statement. Don’t wear shirts and shorts at the same time. Try to go bolder than linen in parties.

However, there are no such rules on how bright colors you can wear in summer. It depends completely on which place you are going and depends on you whether you are able to carry it off properly or not.

The latest outfit combinations for men

Putting together, two different garments will allow you to think little more to get the combinations right. So, here we give you certain hot and deadly combinations that utilize pieces the majority of you will already have in your wardrobe.

- A navy blue jacket with beige trousers is the most versatile and trending this season. It is as effective in the winters as it is in the summers. This combination will make you look your best whatever the occasion is. You can try swapping the suit trousers for khaki or beige slim-fit chinos and complete the look with loafers in summer and dress boots in winter.

- The most classic and timeless combinations are pairing a grey blazer with navy trousers. It is perfect for both formal and informal events. Any man can pull off this outfit successfully. You can wear this outfit at office or also while you are having drinks in weekend. It ensures that you look confident and stylish always. Complete your look with other capsule wardrobe essentials like a crisp shirt and a tie while you are going to the office and a pair of loafers when you are out for a dinner.

- Combine black and grey. It is an ideal combination for all the formal occasions. This combination is perfect for night outs – making you look sharp and put on a pair of relaxed silhouette like loafers or trainers. You can opt for a black jacket and grey trousers or vice versa, the outcome will be effective in both ways.

- Pair up your blazer of jacket with the denims. This is an ideal combination to get a more casual and rugged look and is highly practical. Put on brown boots along with a crew neck jumper when you are out with friends for a drink. A chunky scarf would complete your look.

Linen casual summer suits for men

The long hot summer days are very agonizing when you have to wear a suit. It makes you feel uncomfortable and bit annoying. Do not let the scorching heat prevent you from going in the some of the memorable events during some blistering hot months. Every man must own a linen suit and here’s why:

Linen is very light weight material that provides ventilation and is perfect for summer when weather is too hot. Linen suits, nowadays, are available in various colors. Men who love wearing linen suits have plenty of options to choose from. But, we would suggest you to choose a light colored linen suit that will make you look cheerful. Try to make some fun with your attire.

It is essential to know that, light colors reflect the sunlight, while the dark colors do the opposite. They absorb the heat from the sun. This is the main reason why some men opt of light colored linen suits in this season. However, you can always choose a dark colored suit if you like.

Sometimes the question may arise in your mind that is the summer suit worth buying? Well, it depends on the type of events you plan to go. For example, you would surely not feel comfortable in polo and chinos at a fancy party. Right? So, summer suit or linen suit or any suit that is made of lightweight fabric is perfect for any summer festivals. It helps you to protect yourself from heat and yet look dapper.

Classic shirt and tie combinations

Get the right colors while matching a tie with your shirt and you are a star, get it wrong and you are a loser. But, this complex world of colors is very simple than you think. We tell you about tie-shirt combinations that will make you the talk of the town every time.

Solid color tie with solid color shirt

Solid shirt and solid tie combinationWell, this is the safest combination that you can wear as it is a win-win situation all the way. It may seem boring but choosing the right color combination makes it look quite interesting. Eg- wear a pink shirt with mauve tie or for dark blue shirt and a light blue tie. Go with solid colors of same color family. It creates a contrasting combination and looks great. However, avoid wearing same color of tie and shirt.

Patterned shirt

Patterned shirt and solid tie combinationIf you are wearing a patterned shirt then choose a solid color tie with at least one color that’s on your shirt and vice versa. Eg- if your shirt is having fine check of pink and blue, wear a solid tie that either pink or blue. It gives a soothing look and the color compliments your shirt too.

Patterned shirt with patterned tie

Patterned shirt and patterned tie combinationSome men avoid wearing this combination, but it is being worn by few. If you want to wear this combination, then make sure the pattern on your shirt is smaller than that of your tie. Eg- wear a small checkered shirt with a tie having big checks on it.

Mix and match

Mix & match shirt and tie combinationThe most important thing to look for in this combination is choice of colors. Eg- if you wearing a checkered shirt with a polka dot tie, make sure that the color of tie is the dominant color of the shirt. Follow this rule for other patterns too.

If you want to have a sophisticated look, try wearing a solid colored shirt with dark colored tie. Remember, a tie makes a style statement and your choice of combinations reflects a lot about you!