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Summer fashion trends

Men’s summer fashion trends

This season your wardrobe has to be balanced between things with color and minimal. You can later your wardrobe according to your preference. The minimal look will help you to stand out in a crowd because of its simplicity. The secret key to looking smart is to dress smart. Take a look at few best looks to daunt in summer.

- For a formal look, go for a clean-cut black jacket. Wear it with white shirt and black trousers. Put on a slim black belt with a buckle. You can wear patent leather shoes to complete the look. For an informal look, wear a v-necked t-shirt on dark blue or navy blue jeans. Choose black monk leather shoes with this outfit. You can also opt for the button down shirt with chinos and brogues.

- While in a summer party, you can wear a black t-shirt with some sleek jeans and put on a bomber jacket to get a stylish look. You can also put on a white shirt as it will give a compelling look. Try to match your beige pants with not-so-subtle pink shirt.

- During some poolside parties at day or night, call out for some cool shorts and make a style statement. Don’t wear shirts and shorts at the same time. Try to go bolder than linen in parties.

However, there are no such rules on how bright colors you can wear in summer. It depends completely on which place you are going and depends on you whether you are able to carry it off properly or not.