The Reason Behind The CrossFit Craze

The Reason Behind The CrossFit Craze

By Stephen Mejia

Exercise and a nutritious diet are two important components especially for the generation that came after the millennial generation. Being fit and sporting a toned body is mandatory for today’s youth and there are many exercise types and routines that have emerged in recent years. One of the most popular fitness regimes, today is the CrossFit craze. CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of athletes around the world.

CrossFit craze has been gripping people around the world and its enthusiasts are increasing steadily. The routines and exercises are stringent and it helps in toning and strengthening mind and body. Once you get started on this rigorous exercise routine you will be addicted to the adrenaline rush. CrossFit programs are designed to include strenuous exercises that help in boosting strength, agility, cardiovascular health, power and an overall boost to health. The workouts are difficult and straining, but the effects on the body are long lasting.

The CrossFit training is usually led by a certified trainer. The trainer provides the participants with their goals and instructions. With just the membership, the participants can enjoy the benefit of working with a certified trainer who will guide them through the process. This ensures that the participants do not make any mistake or injure themselves while exercising. The CrossFit culture is in itself enticing and the community culture keeps you going at all times. Based on the goals set by the participants, they strive to attain them and a healthy competition between other enthusiasts keeps you energized and motivated.

CrossFit combines weightlifting with gymnastics and is all about fitness and strength. Although CrossFit has its benefits, it’s important not to get too addicted to this fitness trend. Unlike the traditional mode of exercising, CrossFit doesn’t follow the same routine exercise every day. Every day the exercises differ and are more strenuous although most of the sessions last for only 15 minutes. The strenuous exercises prepare you mind and body to face any challenge that’s thrown at you. There are instructions that are formulated for people who want to practice CrossFit at home.

There is a lot of media attention that CrossFit receives and while many support this extreme workout routine, many do not appreciate the rigorous exercise program. But as long as people are careful not to overdo it, CrossFit is a great exercise option.